Get Your Fake Conscience Objections Off My Lawn

Get Your Fake Conscience Objections Off My Lawn presents an interesting take on conscience objections:

"The Green Family, owners of the Hobby Lobby chain of craft stores, has asked the US Supreme Court to grant them ‘conscience protection,’ exempting them from their obligations under the Affordable Care Act. They claim that their religious convictions don’t allow them to cover employees’ birth control. As it happens, I know a little something about conscience protection. I’m a Quaker–one of the groups for whom the first conscience protection laws were created.

"A pharmacist demanding the right to keep their job even if they refuse to dispense legal medication is like a Marine demanding to keep their job..."

NO celebrity/no party Birthday party to benefit Great Lakes Bengal Rescue!

beautiful Bengal cats in party hats

There is NO actual party. There are NO beverages or cakes. The cast of "Major Crimes", "NCIS", Jay Leno, and Betty White will NOT be at my party. In lieu of what you'd spend to buy me a nice present, get new party clothes, or arrange for childcare to attend my party, please DONATE a generous amount to Great Lakes Bengal Rescue. Learn more about this charity at Great Lakes Bengal Rescue


The Amazing Ballsiness of Bad Bosses: Contracts That Hurt You

women workers processing anchovies, cleaning and filleting by hand

The sheer brass of some bosses in trying to screw over their workers is gold-medal, blue-ribbon, and world-class. Today we talk about contracts, and the sociopathy thereof. Employees and contractors are both oft afflicted with being required to sign a contract, so it is in your interest to scrutinize them microscopically, and to not accept any handwaving away of unacceptable provisions. Let us begin with contract horror stories.


Another Employer Scam: Work For Free After You Leave

Worker protections are very weak in the US, so we have to take extra care to protect our own interests. In 'Ware the Independent Contractor Scam I talked about the popular dodge of ripping off employees by classifying them as independent contractors, and as an added bonus, underpaying them. There is another favorite ripoff of bad bosses, and that trying to get you to work for free after you have quit.


No, You Don't Love Your Animals and You Are a Lying Sack of Dung

I don't believe in hating anyone--- but people who abuse animals test me sorely.

The property across the street from my place has been vacant for several months. It's up for sale, and the owner lives out of town. Sometime around last Christmas he rented it to a person I shall call Pat, for boarding a little herd of cows and alpacas. I would love to name and shame Pat, but this is in the hands of law enforcement now, so I don't want to mess up any case they're making because prosecuting animal abusers is darned near impossible under the best of circumstances.


GnuCash vs. KMyMoney vs. Moneydance

After slacking off for a couple of years I decided to get my finances in better order, and hunted for a good personal finance application for Linux. In the past I've used GnuCash and Moneydance, but was never completely happy with them. So I downloaded a whole herd of Linux personal finance apps, and after a couple days had it narrowed down to GnuCash, Moneydance, and KMyMoney. I'm going with Moneydance, but I'm not all that satisfied with it.


New theme

Behold my shiny new theme. This is the Sky theme, which is a sub-theme of AT Adaptive themes. The core AT Adaptive themes handle basic page layouts, while the various sub-themes add more controls. If you're not using an adaptive theme you're either making extra work for yourself to tune your site for multiple devices-- PCs, phones, and tablets-- or missing out on the mobile market.


Yes, the site is a mess

No, your eyes are not deceiving you; is a bit of a mess at the moment. The result of some mad experiments. Don't worry, we'll fix it.
Update Sat. 28: After epic battles with template files and mod_rewrite we're back up with the Bartik theme. All the content is back and all the links work. Please enjoy the site while we shop for a nice new theme.


Rest in peace, big sister

I don't care to share a lot of personal stuff online, but my sister would have liked this. My older sister Chris Dotson passed away on Dec. 22, 2013. It was the end of a long fight against cancer. I swiped these photos from my other sister Karen. We miss her a lot.

Android App Development: How to Create an Options Menu

So far in our Android UI building blocks tutorials we haven't really looked at menus, but of course they're an essential part of the user experience of our application. Read on to get started with the first type of Android menu, the options menu.

The Android UI provides three basic menu types:

The options menu is the one that appears when you click the menu button on older Android devices, or via the action bar at the top of the screen in newer ones (post 3.0). The options menu should handle global application actions that make sense for the whole app.


Troubleshooting in the Command Line: Tips for Linux Beginners

Linux has come a long way in its short life, and it's more reliable and stable than ever. But things still go wrong, and you can diagnose and fix just about anything.

Desktop Freezes

Compositing window managers are a huge step forward in making graphical environments more stable. But sometimes your nice Linux graphical desktop still locks up, and then what do you do? Drop to a console is what you do, by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F2 on your keyboard. This takes you to a console that is independent of your graphical environment. Go ahead and login.


Howto do Audio Production on a Computer!

Check out this great review of my splendid Book of Audacity, the authoritative reference for doing advanced audio production on your PC with the excellent Audacity audio recorder and editor. Digitize your precious vinyl records, record your band, produce CDs and streaming audio, de-mystify audio terminology, and lots more!



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